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So... Hello livejournal. I know I've been gone a long time. Sorry about that... So how's that novel, eh? Been working on a convincing protagonist have you? Eh? Eh? Hee. I heart Stewie so much.

So if anyone's still actually reading this journal and wants to know what the hell I've been up to, by all means...

So yeah. I've finished my degree. Finally handed my dissertation in on Monday (only three weeks past the deadline, go me!) and I kinda hope it was good. I really worked my ass off on it. Seriously. Ask me anything about Bruckner or the Bruckner problem. I dare you. :D

Also did my last performance. That really made me sad. I just know I didn't do it nearly as well as I could have. :( Kicking myself over that one. I even lost my voice half way through! Not that that was my fault, or even avoidable, but still... Anyway. At least it's done. And my whole family came up from Chippenham to see me, which was the best thing ever.

In related news I have also moved in with Laura. Well not officially yet, but as of July I officially live in Derby. Hoorah! I'm really really looking forward to this, it's gonna be so awesome. Also Lunik is going to come live with us in August, which will rock so hardcore. :D Lunik is made of win. It's a pity that I've had to move out of Mulehouse Road though. :( I'm really gonna miss living in Sheffield. I love the city so much. Although quite honestly I don't think I'm done with Sheffield yet. On some level I believe I'll live there again. It's gonna be so weird not living with my housemates too. :( I'm really gonna miss Dan and Abel so so much, and I can't even express how weird it's going to be eventually not living with Vicki. I've lived with her all the way through uni. Meep. Although no tears yet, she's living in Derby this summer, yay!

Hmm... What else? Pirates was really really awesome. Though some of the unresolved plot lines had me going HUH?? (Calypso anyone? Or the many many ships of the armada turning tail and running from a scraggly bunch of pirates?) Jonny was hottt, though I think Laura's turned me gay, 'cos Keira was hotter... Mmm.

I missed Folk Festival this year too, which was horrid. It's the first one I've ever missed. Ever. And it was the 10 year anniversary of the Stick and Bucket competition. :( :( :( :( Ellie rang me though and let me know how everything went, which was some small comfort. *loves*

In other, more trivial news, Laura made awesome couscous tonight. Seriously. It was so tasty I thought my head was going to explode. Mmmm vegetabley goodness. And also? I might have watched every single box set I own, plus all of Angel and Stargate already and now have nothing to watch. Woe is my life. Anyone got anything to recommend that I watch/read/play/do? I find myself rather at a loss.

Love you all!! *hugs* Sorry I've been away so long.
Fiona xxx

OOoh! Also! GIP! I made it myself. Don't ask where I got the picture... (actually do. It was on a picture search for "Bruckner" o.O;;;)


Congrats on finishing! Yay! And moving in with Laura and all that jazz!
Hee. Thank you very much. :D :D
Bruckner as in, Ben Bruckner-Novotny?

Glad to hear from you! I finished my music course on tuesday, when I had my ensemble performance. I get the marks for that today, so I hope we did well (we better get a decent mark for the Bach piece we played - I totally nailed the tenor line in the cello!) OUr final concert was last night, but I didn't perform in it. Which was nice. I mean, the performances were phenominal... but the choice of pieces was absolutely awful (something to do with Elgar's brithday... urgh, what's so wonderful about him... lol)

Glad to hear you got your dissertation in. What was the topic? In lieu of a dissertation, I wrote a portfolio of music. If you check my past two posts, I've uploaded my material so people can have a listen if they want. Please, have a gander.

Hahaha I wish. Then I could have spent all my time watching QaF and calling it "research".

Hahaha. I quite like Elgar actually :P I hope you get a good mark for your performance too.

I saw your post yes! I watched the youtube one, but haven't had a chance to look at the other ones yet. (my apologies!) I liked the space one. Nice harmonics there ;) I shall look at them as soon as I get back to Derby though, promises. *loves*

Hee. Like the icon btw. Adam Baldwin seems to be cropping up in *everything* I watch at the moment. Bless his little cotton socks.
I know what you mean... I've been watching a lot of 'Justice League' recently, and you've got voices from Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Nathan Fillion, Ben Browder and Jeffery Coombs! It's all rather cool...

Glad you enjoy the 2001 piece (it was kind of a last-minute thing, so I'm glad that it worked out as well as so many people think it did.

Hope you enjoy all the others!
wow you've finished, that is so awesome. Congrats. btw I totally concur about kira, but the frog on it's back awww I so wanted to turn it over.

We missed you at the festival.

When are you down this way again?
It is awesome that I've finished. I am very pleased. Yay.

Okay I puzzled over the frog comment. But I really can't figure it out. Umm... Yes? Hee.

I missed all you guys at folk festival. :( *wibbles*

I am down now! But not really. I'm being secret and stuff on account of me not being able to actually go anywhere but my house. However if you happened to get this comment in time and just happened to pop over tomorrow at all I'm sure I could offer you a cuppa or something similar... :D :D :D Otherwise it's not until the 21st July for me. *hugs*
That's probably because I should have written crab, I've been thinking of my frog pond a lot lately (your welcome to come and see when your up to it) and I think it has made me stupid!

I will try to pop down later. It would be great to see you.
Hullo! Good to see what you've been up to, though will have to catch up more next week. Can't wait to see you and meet the (undoubtably) lovely Laura. Will phone later to sort out how to find us. Probably. :D
Hullo hullo! I keep missing yoooooouuuuuuu. :( :( We're still coming I promise. I'm so very very out of touch still - it's hard to work my way back into the real world, meep. There's loads of love here though. I will try my bestest to remember to call you tomorrow. I promises.

I'm so glad things have worked out for you and well done on finishing your degree! So what degree do you have now?

I'm proud of you! Degree's arn't easy.. i learnt that the hard way
Hello! Thanks so much. It was really hard and I thought I wasn't going to make it for a while, but I did! Yayz! Sorry if things are going badly for you lady. :( :( *sends love your way*
go onto youtube and start watching one the new volvic adverts there is an awesome volcano called george it will make ure life better....
and two type in simon pegg spaced and watch both seasons of spaced i think u'll like it... espec all the star wars references.....
its waaaaayyyyy kool and theres only 14 episodes....
its well worth it