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OMG!!!1!!! Two updates? In less than a week? No, you are not going crazy dear reader. It is I, la Fiona. Returned from the depths of dissertation slumber to post yet again.

Sorry, contrary to that rather long intro this is really short post. Am at home, yay. Being fed cooking and not being allowed out of the house apart from to Mum/Rosie's concert and to see the Fantastic Four tomorrow for father's day. But I thought I'd post anyway so that I could shock you all.

My lady has gone back north without me and I miss her :( It's strange that you can get so attached to someone that it feels actually painful if you're parted, even for a day. Seriously, I'm going to see her the day after tomorrow and yet I really miss her. Damn love. Makes things complicated.

So yeah. That's it from me. I am sleeping and eating home cooked food and stuffs. Should be able to re-enter the real world by Tuesday or so. I seriously, seriously apologise to everyone that I've ignored over the last few months. I didn't mean to be cruel or anything. I don't know why but I just needed to shut everything down for the last haul. My feelings towards you all haven't changed one tiny bit, but I do understand if any of you are peeved at me. Or similarly if you are looking at this post on your friends list and wondering who the hell I am, believe me I have no hard feelings should you wish to defriend me. :D

Love!! (Makes the world go round)
Fiona xxxx


Geeeeeeeek. I know what you mean about the lady. BECAUSE RYAN IS LEAVING ME ALL SUMMER. A:LL:LLLLLLL SUMMER. I WON"T SEE HIM AT ALL. (This is untrue, I will see him for 23 hours every Saturday, but he is watching me type this, and I like to make him feel guilty).

<333. I just had awesome sex, also. Yay! And my kitten is attacking my fingers as I
Haha. He deserves to be made to feel guilty. (And that sentence totally took me three minutes to write as I couldn't figure out what the translation of "make him feel guilty" was into the third person. I lose. And it is possibly time for sleep again.)

Poor you being left alone all summer. :( :( Where is the boy going? Anywhere shiny? I hope it is not too bad for you guys. Ryan is sooo lovely. *adores 'cos he found some tyre guys*

Mmmmm sex. :D Also yay kitty! I totally haven't commented on your pictures yet, cos I am an evil friend. But I do so very heart you kitten. I wants one. :D LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
Well, the timestamp on your reply is 6:38 PM, and it's my time, so that means 2:38Am your time. A little confusion seems alright.

Ryan is LEAVING ME to go to the camp that we work at. Except I'm not working there this summer, hence the LEAVING ME. It won't be too horrible, I'll see him once a week, and I've informed him that during that 23 hour period every week, I will be having him whenever I want him. If we're driving the 2 hours to get into town, and I want sex, he is to pull over and service me immedietly. One must be firm.

Ahahaha, we used our newfound awesome knowledge of that side of Las Vegas when we were there last month. I was like "OH, HEY, MARYLAND AVE GOES ALL THE WAY DOWN, REMEMBER?!" and he said "no" because he is really terrible with directions, but I knew where I was going. I waved at the tire store. :D

Oh, my kitten is sweet. Currently she is trying to drink my Midori Sour. Sweet little damnit, Janet.
ur at home!!!1
Wants to come see u...
wat u doing tomorow????
You have no reason to apologize, you needed to get the degree sorted and you have had a lot of stuff happen. I'm sure everyone realizes this and still loves you.

I'll tell you what, after I finished my degree I was totally whipped out. I literally took about three months off and just lived on the dol before I even thought about looking for a job.

Feels good to finish dunnit!

No need to apologise at all, hun - if you need you time, you need you time. Simple as. We love you anyway :-)

I'll give you a ring at some point...

Love! *hugs*
Even though you're aspleep next me cos you literally got off the train and fell asleep, I love you and miss you slightly cos you're unconscious. And cos I know just how much you hate me using my hat icon, I'm gonna use it :D:D:D:D:D

Much love. Sleep well.