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Comment and I'll...
1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.

Sproinked from muppetthecow and shiny_sly, who are both lovelies. :D


1) Because we bonded over David Hewlitt's ass and all things fandom. And also because you're sparlkly. :D
2)Ass. David Hewlitt's in particular, but also ass in general. ;)
3) Your ass. No, seriously. ;) Okay umm... Maybe your exuberance about all things fandom? And your ass.
4) The first time I met you and you gave me round Harry Potter playing cards. That was awesome. :D :D
5) Why the zombie movies? Whyyyyyy?? :'-(
6) No prizes for guessing this one. It's that scrumptious cherub ass. And it's your default picture, which makes it all the more awesome. :D
My ass, meaning its massiveness right??

hahahah Fandom, bringing complet freaks together since its conception - much like the internet in general.

:D Harry Potter playing cards will aways be awesome.

The zombie movies, because they are awesome and gory and funny and sick :D also because I like playing zombie games on the playstation.

and just for you, David Hewlitts ass :D:d
Yes please :-)
1) Well duh. Because we've been friends since forever and I heart you, silly! :P
2) So many things. I guess folkiness and singing stick out most. *loves*
3) That you and me can talk for hours and hours and hours about nothing at all and never get bored.
4) (Related to the one above, because I have too many memories to filter) That time you and I stayed up talking at my house and didn't even realise what time it was until my dad came in and was getting ready to go to work! That was so much fun :D :D :D
5) Pirates or Ninjas? Haha.
6)I heart the Kaylee one with the parasol because she is so smiley it hurts. :D :D
do meeeee!
1) Because I met you in RL and you're all shades of awesome.
2) Haha if I'm honest? Sex and you having lots and lots of it and plenty of stories to tell ;P
3) That you have been everywhere and done everything. I really admire that. :D
4) The Anne Summers party we had at your house. Hahahaha that was so awesome. :D
5) Do you plan to live in America forever or are you going to come back to live in the UK someday?
Oops forgot number six!
6) You're a Kitty! (because xkcd is the most awesome comic ever and therefore this is made of win.)
do me, do me. :D
1) Because we met in RL and Gay Love is the best love. :D
2) Sheffield LGBT when we were in it and it was awesome. And also Apple computers. ;)
3) That you're a lovie and also that we had soooooooooo many good nights out. :D
4) That time when you, me and Azrul went to Meadowhall and we went to PC world. Haha you were such a geek. (I mean that in a completely loving way!) :D
5) So are you still in Cyprus or are you back? (Okay that's a current question...) What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done in the army ;) ;)
6) Well you've only got 2 so I guess the black and white one. :D
oooh pick me!
1) Because you got me the LJ code ;) And I suppose other reasons... I guess... :P
2) Singing. Definitely singing. And also Teh Gay. Oh, and the SoT. :D
3) I love that even though we've had our share of rough times, I know that if push came to shove and I needed you, you'd be here in a heartbeat. :D I heart you.
4) Umm... I guess the Summer of T00b, when we were in manchester and you decided to create a rainbow couch of sin (Although I'm sure it had a much cooler name...) and we took the colonials to a Gay Bar. That was so awesome.
5) Buffy or Faith? ;) No, that's too easy. Okay, Willow or Tara?
6) Back off, she's mine. Because it is soo true. Also Buffy is gay now. (All right, one night stand, but whatever...)
Oh, me (if I'm not too late)!!