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Hello Livejournal! Yes, I'm back. Please don't have a heart attack. :D

Sorry I've been away but things got busy around here. We've had a BBQ and Laura might have given me one of my birthday presents early - an Innocent Smoothie recipe book so we have been making gorgeous smoothies all weekend. Oh my god they are so tasty. So if anyone is in the Derby area feel free to pop over for a smoothie, you won't be sorry. :D :D :D Mmmm mango and passionfruit.

Also! I now have a robot dog. No, for real. :D It does tricks and rolls over and everything. Hee. It is v.v. awesome.

It is such a gorgeous, sunny day (so very rare!) but today I do not get to go outside. No, for I am DM and have to sit inside and prepare the adventure that I have had 4 weeks to prepare... Haha. I'm getting a sense of Deja-vu. Ah, uni how I miss thee... Oh well at least I have lovely summery drinks to keep me company :D

The kittens are so foolish. We've let them outside for the first time in the past week, but up to now they have yet to get past the patio! We were all prepared for them to go out and we wouldn't hear from them for a day, but no chance of that. Haha. I guess they just love us too much. Oh lovely, crazy kittens. :D

So this is another not-so-interesting post. Maybe it'll be better next time. Or maybe it wont... I shall just keep you in suspense (not suspenders! :P) until then. Love! ♥!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN 3 DAYS! Since you likely won't post again before then :D Smoothies are delicious! My blender is crap at making them, but there is a smoothie shop at the University, so I can kick my cravings there for another 2 weeks before I LEAVE IT FOREVER.

Robot dog AND kittens!? Lucky! My Janetcat is sitting on my lap. She says hi.

The whole paragraph where you can't go outside and have to prepare an adventure sounds quite mysterious.
kittens in suspenders?