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Meme! (Ahh I have missed these...)

My God. I've just looked over my livejournal and I literally never post to this thing. Meep. I am sorry if you've all forgotten that I exist...

But! As I said I was going through my old LJ posts and I totally think we should do this meme again - it was awesome!

1. Go to your playlist.
2. Hit shuffle.
3. Choose the first twenty songs - YOU CANNOT SKIP ONE. If it's embarrassing you just have to live with it.
4. With those twenty songs you must post a lyric from each of the songs.
5. See if anybody can guess what songs they are from. If they are guessed you can cross them out. Try to get rid of all of them.
6. No googling. I will Know. :P

1)The beginning is now and will always be. You say you lost your chance, that fate brought you defeat.

2)She tended my suffering and she salved me of pity and bore me a daughter for my heart's delight.

3)And now youre searching, for a sign with your name to define you the king of the game.

4)Of lipstick and callous and fishnets and malice.

5)And when I'm dead and in my grave a flashy funeral pray let me have.

6)All is calm, all is bright.

7)Aye the way I got out, the truth I will tell they're turning the poor folk all out of Hell
this to make room for the rich wicked race for there is a great number of them in that place.

8)Sits like a man but he smiles like a reptile she love him, she love him but just for a short while.

9)It was years ago, God knows when you strained to tell me your whole truth.

10)Half my life is in books written pages live and learn from fools and from sages.

11)You can research browse and shop, until you've had enough and you're ready to stop.

12)You're way off base.

13)So much of me is made of what I learned from you, you'll be with me like a handprint on my heart.

14)And I hope that you find it, if freedom is all that you want.

15)Unbidden fires, unseen souls.

16)Qui tollis peccata mundi dona eis requiem.

17)This is pathetic and sardonic, it's sadistic and psychotic. Tango is not for three, was never meant to be.

18)I've got two loves now my fiddle and my beau.

19)Pucker up for heavens sake, theres never been so much at stake.

20)Feel it falling off like clothing.

So. There you go. If you are interested in how I'm doing etc I'll be happy to drop you a line now (I really am trying to stay in touch more) but I won't even try boring you with rubbish details. I want you to guess the songs, my pretties, guess! *cackles* Good luck!

Fi :D


1) Another Train - The Poozies (I'm assuming their version anyway)

2) Spanish Bride - John Tams

6) Silent Night
7) The Coalowner and the Pitman's Wife - The Demon Barbers
12) I Won't Say I'm in Love - Hercules
13) For Good - Wicked
15) The Baldon Goose - Tanglefoot