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Dec. 25th, 2006

Pirate Laura love

(no subject)

I know I have not updated in a millenium, (what else did you expect) but I expect some amnesty - it being Christmas - so don't be mean :P Hee.

That said:


I do adore each and every one of you, and you are always in my heart. Especially at this time of year. I hope it's been a good one, and if it hasn't, that you have risen above it and had a good time anyway.

Muchly love to you all.

Love Fiona

(P.S. I have a new computer coming in the new year, so who knows - I might even start posting again! Woosh!)

Nov. 7th, 2006

Pirate Laura love

(no subject)

Just a quick post as I am working (honestly! I know. It's a shock) to say that I still heart you all. :D

Not much has happened. Well I say not much... My lady broke her shoulder playing rugby, which really sucks as she is in a lot of pain :( But on a brighter note I should get my loan soon as I have sent in all bits of paperwork and then I will not be poor! (for the whole three minutes it takes me to give Dan the £400 I owe him for bills, eek!)

I've been reading some awesome books by a lady called Jaclyn Moriarty - they're written for teenagers, but they're really really good and utterly hilllarious. I highly reccommend them, my dears - calles Feeling Sorry For Celia, Finding Cassie Crazy and Becoming Bindy Mackenzie. They rock :D

I went home at the weekend, which was cool. It was Lunik's birthday and they LET ME LIGHT THE FIREWORKS!! I RULED SUPREME no matter what anyone says about damp match. :P

Now I am avoiding writing my essay on Wagner because he was an evil nazi twat. I don't think they will take that as an excuse for not doing my essay though. His diary thing is tough reading. Yuck. How can a man with such an ugly soul write such awesome music? It's beyond me.

So I am instead sending some love out into the world. Here is my love > <. Do with it as you will.

I heart you. Yes you. Especially you. *hugs*
Fi xxx

Oct. 30th, 2006


(no subject)

Okay it's official - I suck. I'm so sorry I have not posted in so very very long. At the moment my excuse is that my computer is broken and I can't afford to get it fixed. This makes for a very sad Fi. :(

At the moment I'm writing on Laura's laptop seeing as how she's gone off to rugby training and left me all on my lonesome :( ... I may play sims on it later, muah ha ha!

I was actually first of all going to write some kind of emo open-letter thing "to whom it may concern" about how I've abandoned friends, but then I got over myself, haha. I do still love you all very much and I'm sorry for being crap. That's the end of it.

So what have I been up to? I still have all four limbs (though they don't work as well as they used to) and I'm still at Sheffield Uni, loving it. I'm still with my ladyfriend and I love her very very much (it's been 6 months now! Woah.) and I'm still living with Vicki, Dan and Abel.

All is good in the world of Fi I guess (apart from the limbs etc not working, that kinda sucks. And maybe the computer thing, and the very very very late loan. But all else is good.)

I wanted to say something witty and interesting, but instead I shall write you a surrealist story:

Once upon a time there was a fish named Fiona. She lived in a cottage in the Welsh valleys and only ate gooseberries once a month. One day, while she was at the butchers buying a clothes horse she met a bicycle named Ellie. Ellie was shiny and very red, though one of her tyres was a saxophone. Ellie was very pleased to meet Fiona, as she had never met a fountain pen before. After getting to know each other during a game of water pool, Ellie invited Fiona back to her house to meet her flatmates.

Upon entering the hammock Fiona was impressed with the way that Ellie had managed to make the omlettes stick to the walls and complimented her newly-phoned friend on their furriness. Ellie quickly ushered Fiona into the front room, where her housemates - a tree named Julia, a rainbow named Laura and the colour blue named Tom were softly mewling along to the sound of a watercolour painting.

Immediately Fiona recognised that she had met Laura before and the two lightning bolts melted into the floor together. Ellie was initially surprised by this, but as her ears had turned into cucumbers she could not think further on the matter.

Julia and Tom continued to dance to the feel of an egg rolling uphill.


I hope you enjoyed this. I am sorry if you did not. I'm also sorry if I can't reply to any comments quickly - it all depends on when I next get internet access.

I heart you all.
Fiona xxx

Jun. 3rd, 2006


(no subject)

I would like to write a fic, dear flist, now that my exams are over. So request away! I'll try and get it done by this evening. Oh the joys of no work! :D :D :D Love!

Poll #741318 So... What fic should I write?

Which fandom?

Stargate Atlantis
Harry Potter
X Men

Which characters?

Which genre/s?


What length should it be?

100 words
101-250 words
251-500 words
501-1000 words
1000+ words

Would you like Blood, Love or Rhetoric?

Blood and love without the rhetoric
Blood and rhetoric without the love
All three concurrent or consecutive
There is no fourth option, it's all blood you see.

How should it end?

Orgy and a cigarette
Death and blood
Tidy resolution
Nice cup of tea


Ticky McTick Tick!

May. 17th, 2006

Beer! Singing!

(no subject)

Yes I'm a lazy arse and haven't updated about my party until Wednesday, so what're you going to do? :P

So it was my 21st birthday at the weekend, and it was awesome. :D

Tom, Sarah and Julia came up on Friday and we had a random house party and got v. v. drunk and played "I have never..." (Of course!) which was so so great. Although Sarah said things I never thought I'd hear her say and also playing that game with a significant other is not all that much fun... lol

Then on Sat we got up really late and then went shopping for fun stuff. Mmmm Meadowhall. I bought all sorts of exciting things with all my birthday money, w00t.

Then we went to Morrisons, which was so so hillarious. Poor Julia had no donuts. Tomathy had lots of tasty things and we all had yummy alcomohol.

Then we went back to mine and watched Doctor Who (or tried to watch, more like chatted over and ate and drunk over, oh well) and Julia did my hair in piratey braids, which were RLDHA (rocking like David Hewlett's ass).

Anyway upshot of it was we all got very very very drunk, dressed up as Pirates and Fairies and fairy pirates and went out to Dempseys.

Where they have a pole. In a cage. On the dancefloor.

:D :D :D :D

Oh yes I think everyone at some point danced in that cage. It was so so so much fun. Even Dan danced in the cage (pint in hand and all) And yes, so did I. But to be fair I did tell the club owners it was my birthday (I'm a regular and they're ace) and they let me in for free and gave me things. :D I was so very very drunk.

I also forgot to get a camera because clearly I lose at life and I have no pictures. However, friends did and Julia has already posted hers. I am waiting for Miriam to post hers... :D

Oh it was so great. :D Laura and I became stand-in daddy and mummy to Sarah, Tom and Julia all weekend. We adopted Alix too because we loff him.

Then on my actual birthday I was so so ill and had a rehearsal and was all miserable until I got home and found out Julia, Vicki, Laura, Alix, Dan and Abel had thrown together a proper birthday partie with finger sandwiches and all while I'd been out. That made me happy. :D

In other news I have a concert tommorrow and two exams next week and a throat infection. Woe is my life. haha. I have pills though, so hopefully it will be cleared up by the actual exam :S

I cannot wait for Saturday's masked ball. *dies*

Love you all

Fi xx

May. 9th, 2006


(no subject)

In an effort to keep on top of LJ I am updating again. "What?" I hear you gasp "Again? Surely not!" But it is true my friends. :D Hee.

Had a rehearsal for my ensemble today and it was okay, though the other people in my group are not really doing enough work. I'm sure it'll turn out okay though. :D One of the pieces we're doing is so so ace though. It's all twentieth-century with scrunchy harmonies and whacked out rhythms. It rocks hardcore (or at least it will as long as we can get it together and working). I've got a conducting lecture this afternoon which will either be ace or absolutely pants. None of us can find scores for the pieces we're meant to be doing so we're a little bit screwed. Although how hard can it be?

Haha I've totally gone and got myself an audio copy of Jilly Cooper's Appassionata. What? What? It's about orchestras and conducting, shut up. It's totally research. :P

OMG OMG parties are coming up so soon. And exams! And parties! I have to get to organising so so pronto. omg. I still don't have an accompanist for my exam. *wibbles* It's more than a bit worrying. I'm sure it'll be fine, right? RIGHT?

I'm actually looking forward to the symphonic thought exam though. It's weird what a little research can do for the nerves, and it's really interesting so I've actually done the reading. Yes I am a swot this term, got a problem? :P

Laura is coming over this afternoon too, yay! I haven't seen her since Sunday and that's a long time. :P Is is weird that I miss her? Haha, told you we're soppy. Sorry, stopping now.

Also! Announcement: I hate Rachel. Well I don't really but the evil minx has totally got me on the brink of a new fandom. Supernatural has all the pretty. And they get tied up almost as often as Sanzo. lol. It rules. What with that and Bleach and House I am not going to do anything this summer but get into new fandoms and read the pretty pretty fic. :D Awesome.

Right, time to go and tidy more of the house. I swear it's like shovelling snow while it's still snowing. Haha I would say "Damn housemates!" but I reckon it's just as much me this time round... lol.

Oh well I shall speak to you all later. Muchly with the love, Fi :D

May. 8th, 2006


(no subject)

Hello Livejournal,

So here I am trying to avoid having to tidy my room... I've not got much to say, just a bit of Fi-babble.

I have a girlfriend, glee. Her name's Laura - she's the one that came to Pride last summer - and she's absolutely awesome. We've only been going out 2 weeks now, but we've known each other for over a year and a half so we're really comfortable with each other. Seriously it makes me so happy, and not the manic kind of happy but kinda something more subtle than that. Like warm fuzzy happy. lol, I am such a soppy git (we both are). Plus she's really hot. Haha.

Also I have joined Lunik's RPG, it's so ace. :D I am playing a Huldra (kinda almost feline person) who is a Red Mage (summoner and golem master) and tracker/amazon warrior type person. She's awesome. And arrogant and full of herself. She's gonna rock. :D Plus Laura and Vicki and Abel and Jewels have joined the RP too. We are going to pwn.

Exams are soon and I don't even know what I have or when they are. The music dept really needs to pull their fingers out. Seriously. :( I have two performances, and one exam on the 30th. I have no idea when the performances are or even if I have another two exams or not. Fools.

Dude, I have two birthday parties coming up, how awesome is that? Awesome like David Hewlett's ass, that's how awesome. :D I have a pirates and fairies party next Saturday, which will kick so much ass (not David Hewlett's) and then on the 20th we have Vicki and my masked ball. :D AWESOME. Although Laura's all "I must not get drunk and molest you at your party" hahahahaha. Poor Laura. She is so scared of meeting my parents, lol. They will like her though because she is awesome like David Hewlett's ass.

Okay, so I might be a little hyper, but that's what no food + cappuchino made by Fi from her awesome coffee maker will do to you. :D :D :D YUM.

So I am going to go have another one. Hee, then I shall tidy this pit of a room so that people can sleep in it this weekend.

I love you all. And especially you. Yes you. :D ♥!!

Apr. 20th, 2006


(no subject)

This is a fic I wrote a while ago for pensierobello, because she is ace, but haven't as yet posted. It is epic. Seriously. EPIC. There is SMUT and ANGST and CHOCOLATE PUDDING, what more could you want from a Harry/Draco fic? Read on my friends and wonder. :D

Clickity for Harry/Draco ficCollapse )

Mar. 23rd, 2006

Ima samrt!

(no subject)


My life is so hard.

And courgettes are surprisingly delicious.

This concludes my LJ post for the day, thank you.

Mar. 22nd, 2006



Because I always snag random music off other people I feel I should repay the debt. So here is some oh-so-very random music that I am listening to at the moment, please to enjoy, thankyou. :D

MUSIC SPAM!!!!1!!Collapse )

And leading directly on from that I can tell you that I have a newly-formed obsession with the musical, Wicked. Oh I heart it so very very much. Although I have only heard (some of) the songs, so if you know the plot please please please don't spoil me. Any discussion of the music will be met with JOY and probable glomping though. :D

And yes, I am reading the book and it is like WONDER in a box. Darker than I expected, though given that any ideas about the plot that I may have had have come purely from a musical I think I can be forgiven for thinking that Elphaba would come across smelling of roses.

So, that's it from me. I had more to say, but alas the uploading of music has taken all my LJ time so you shall have to be content with this babble. However, please comment me if we haven't talked in a while - it doesn't have to have anything to do with this post - I miiiiiss you.

Love, LJ, love. :D

Also! OMG LOOK AT MY NEW LJ LAYOUT! It is by mercscilla and it features muchly pretty people. Eep, I have a het OTP. I am obviously sick and wrong. Teyla and Ronan are so having teh hott secks.

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