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The story of a Fi

Oh the cleverness of Fi!

Mistress of Mai Tais
14 May
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Fi is a rock star. She is living the high life at the moment on her private beach in the carribean with Johnny Depp. Soon her research will be complete and the cure for cancer will be released to the general population and war and hunger will be put to an end. She finds time between singing opera with the English National and looking after her farm of Chi hua huas to write a run of bestselling novels entitled "Bosoms of Steel".

This opinion is not affiliated with the user, nor expresses the point of view of the establishment. Any side effects, or loss of sexual prowess experienced as a result of reading this is therefore your own fault.

Bisexuality is Real.

Artist credit and instructions for using my Harry/Draco mood theme can be found here.

I am an icon thief. Or rather I have collected many many cool icons over the years and am now using them. I mean no offence so if they are your icons please let me know and I will remove them asap if you would like me to.

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